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G Suite for your personal domain and email


Using Google's G Suite for your personal domain allows you to use your domain with all of Google's tools. It includes Gmail (without ads), Meet, Calendar, Drive with > 30 GB, Docs, etc. What differentiates it from a regular Google account is that you can use your personal domain and thus your own email, e.g. mail@yourname.com. After having used a G Suite of my company for a while, I wanted to have it for my personal email and domain, too.


Besides being able to use your personal email for everything and as a Google account, you get:

  • event/calendar invites sent to your email will be added to your calendar automatically
  • people can invite you to events/docs/drive with your private email
  • your Android phone has all the Google tools built in and provides a seamless experience
  • and so on, I mean, everybody has a Google account nowadays


If you G-Suite use it for your personal domain, you'll be needing one user only. So the price is between 6 and 25 USD per month. You'll be needing the basic version for 6 USD only, I think.

Getting started

So I basically signed up for a free trial. Google asked me for my main email, i.e. the one used for your Google account. I choose mail@mydomain.com (say hello if you like :) ).

There are only a few steps to take and the experience is seamless:

  • create a G Suite account
  • set up your MX records to point at Google's mailservers (Google provided a tutorial for my registrar automatically)
  • wait a little, and you're ready to go
  • notify contacts of your (new) email

Set up

Personally, I didn't change much, but here's what I found useful:

  • Gmail: set up a signature, change GMail's layout
  • Calendar: set up default notifications for events 30 and 3 minutes ahead (allows me to get notified early during deep work and just before calls)
  • Drive: Migrate folders/files to your new personal Google Drive. You can do this by sharing files and folders from your old account to your new account.


Some random notes:

  • somehow you automatically become a business customer and can't change that, which is weird but isn't a problem in my case
  • site verification, a part of the setup process, took a long time. Just give it a few minutes for the DNS records to update.