I love to build things. That’s why I’m currently co-founding German IT Jobs, a platform helping IT professionals to find a job in Germany. I’ve also done several other interesting projects.

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Computer Scientist

I’m a programmer and computer science student at KIT in Karlsruhe, Germany. I enjoy programming in Java, PHP, and SQL.

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Former Chairman at PionierGarage

I’m was Chairman of PionierGarage which is Germany’s biggest students club focusing on entrepreneurship, founding, and startups in the winter term 15/16.

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My Programming Skills

I have several skills that I try to improve constantly. While my current focus is on web development in a broader sense, I try to look into different areas from time to time by doing projects in an unknown domain.

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My lastest blog posts

These are the three last blog posts I’ve written.

Mental Models for Critical Thinking

I just found an interesting article with a list of mental models, e.g. for critical thinking.The list has been written by Gabriel Weinberg,.. Read More →

KursverwaltungOnline: Updated Landing Page

I have updated the landing page of KursverwaltungOnline. KursverwaltungOnline is a Software-as-a-Service solution that allows schools to manage their enrollment for courses more.. Read More →

Finding a Job in Germany as a Foreign Programmer

Finding a job in Germany is not easy, especially not for foreigners. Even though the startup scene is flourishing and IT professionals are.. Read More →

Other topics I’m interested in

Beside programming itself, I’m interested in several other topics ranging from theoretical to practical things.

Data Mining

Data Mining is the process of extracting knowledge from big amounts of data. I’ve taken several courses on this topic and applied techniques in my projects.

Web Crawling

Crawling describes the process of extracting information from the web in an automated manner.

Geospatial Data

Geospatial data is data which is connected to geographic information. In several of my projects I have worked with this kind of data.

Secure Storage

Secure Storage describes the ability to store data so that the data can’t be read by others even if they have full access to it.

Rapid Prototyping

Often times it’s especially important to be able to evaluate business ideas quickly. That’s why I use techniques for fast prototyping to get early feedback.

Clean Code

While I enjoy Rapid Prototyping on the one hand, I value the advantages of a solid architecture, clean code and refactoring on the other hand.


In my studies I am focusing on Software Engineering and Databases. In Software Engineering I have been hearing lectures about component-based architecture as well as model-driven design. In Databases I have been interested in Data Warehousing, Data Mining algorithms, and new storage concepts.

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and Practice

I am constantly trying to apply the acquired theory in practice. I do this by using the technologies I’ve heard about in my actual projects. This allows me to dive deeper into the topic and get to know the technology itself.

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Honors & Awards

I am very competitive and am participating in hackathons and other contests. Recently, I’ve been receiving the following honors and awards.

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Hack.Stuttgart by Daimler: 3rd place (2016)

The Hack.Stuttgart hackathon by Daimler was the first hackathon in a global series including China, India, and the US. I participated with a team from PionierGarage. Our idea was to make driving more pleasant by measuring stress levels of passengers and to automatically adapt functionality like cruise control to reduce stress. With this idea and our working prototype we won the third place.

3 Day Startup Germany: 3rd place (2016)

3 Day Startup is an event that includes Ideation, Team Formation, Customer Discovery, Rapid Prototyping, and Pitch Workshops. With my Team from PionierGarage I attended the event at WHU (Otto Beisheim School of Management). Our project was button1, a single click button for businesses that can trigger any event. We developed a fully working prototype of the backend and are now looking to create a hardware prototype to go live. With my team, I won the 3rd place.

Volkswagen CodeFEST: 1st place (2015)

The hackathon took place in eight cities throughout Europe. We started with a team of four (we did not know each other beforehand) and had 30 hours to develop our idea “Road Genius” (a location-based quiz-app for kids with age- and gender-based questions). We won the preliminaries at the KIT Karlsruhe and placed 1st in the finals at the CeBIT in Hannover.

Data Mining Cup by prudsys: 2nd place worldwide (2014)

Each year national and international educational institutions from over 20 countries take part in the DATA-MINING-CUP (DMC) competition. With this student competition that takes place in spring each year, prudsys AG, one of the leading data mining companies, wants to enthuse domestic and international students for intelligent data analysis (data mining) and challenge them to find the best solution to a data mining problem in competition with others. I took part with a team of KIT students and won the second place worldwide.

Publication: Gamification Framework for Subjective Assessment of Influence in Online Social Networks (2013)

The estimation of psychological properties of relationships (e.g., popularity, influence, or trust) only from objective data in online social networks (OSNs) is a rather vague approach. A subjective assessment produces more accurate results, but it requires very complex and cumbersome surveys. The key contribution of my paper paper was a framework for personalized surveys on relationships in OSNs which follows a gamification approach. A game was developed and integrated into Facebook as an app, which made it possible to obtain subjective ratings of users’ relationships and objective data about the users, their interactions, and their social network.

My Philosophy

I try to make the world a little bit better and more efficient.

My Values

I try to be open, honest, and empathic.

My Mission

I try to apply computer science theory in practive to make peoples’ lives easier.

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