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Pre-seed Investor

As a co-founder of First Momentum, Germany's first Venture Capital fund founded by students, I invest in young, ambitious, and technical startups (mostly through pre-seed investments). Our fund is primarily focused on founders with a university background as well as a B2B concept, and a strong technical component. Having founded my own startups before and as a CTO, I focus on supporting technical co-founders.

Personally, I'm especially interested in the following areas:

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: As a computer scientist with an academic background, I love seeing competitive advantages through technology.
  • New Work and Human Resources: Before I co-founded First Momentum, I was CTO for an HR startup which allows me to support teams with the gained expertise in this field.
  • Programming tools and aids: As a programmer myself, I enjoy seeing new tools that solve problems in everyday work.

If you'd like to get in touch, the best option is to do so via an introduction or by talking to one of our investment managers or ambassadors.

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