Karl Lorey

My technical background

I've studied computer science, did a lot of research during university and love to build things with the help of technology. This page is about my academic and technical background, projects can be found elsewhere.

Academic background and computer science

During my time as a student at university, I published three papers: Two about human behavior in online social networks and one on integrating a database encryption into the Database Abstraction Layer (DBAL).

Research on human behavior in social networks

In 2013, I wrote my bachelor thesis about a concept very similar to Cambridge Analytica. I basically built a Facebook app which showed how to extract information by increasingly requesting more and more permissions to access Facebook API data. As a result of this research, I published my first two papers. My masters thesis was about the impact of personality on the behavior of programmers. In particular, I examined the personality of programmers and how it affects their behavior on GitHub. To do this, I performed a study with over 1000 developers to establish a ground truth. With this data, it was possible to show significant effects of personality on programmers' behavior. We could for example show that programmers with specific personality traits prefer specific languages, libraries, stacks, and tools.


I have published the following papers in scientific journals so far:

Technical background

My technical focus is based on the following pillars:

I enjoy working with:

My desktop environment

Currently, I'm running Debian with xfce and the i3 window manager. This allows me to use my keyboard and avoid the mouse most of the time. If you're interested, you can find my dotfiles on GitHub.