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Programmer Map allows you to find programmers, developers, and IT experts in every area and city worldwide. Find programmers, projects, and trends near you!

Programmer Map is a side-project that I did part-time. It is composed of a crawler that fetches data about programmers on the web, a backend that processes the data and infers a rank, and a frontend that displays rankings for several cities.

Crawler for gathering information

The crawler searches the web for information about programmers. This includes their personal website and their social media profiles. This information is getting fetched and stored in a PostgreSQL database. The crawler itself is written in Java.

Backend for computation of statistics

The backend deals with inferring the importance of programmers. This is done by creating a network of programmers (graph) and looking at which programmers links to other programmers. With this network, it is possible to compute several metrics such as centrality. Furthermore, I check the projects the programmers have and how popular these projects are. The computations are mostly done in SQL. The graph algorithms are computed using Gephi.

Frontend for displaying the best programmers

The frontend is the website It currently displays the best programmers for several cities. While I’m planning on releasing a lot more cities, there are currently only around ten cities available as a preview.

  • Date March 15, 2015
  • Tags Architecture, Web Development
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