Web application for online course enrollment and administration

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Web application for online course enrollment and administration

In 2015, I developed a web application for online course enrollment and course administration. It is targeted at schools and intended for teachers that are charged with the organization of courses and enrollments. In comparison to students enrolling into courses by filling out forms, it allows teachers to rapidly manage the enrollment and admission process. It provides an online enrollment for students, fast error detection, as well as an intelligent and efficient seat allocation. Key features are the immediate error detection and the check for overlapping courses. This way, students cannot enroll to full courses or courses that overlap each other. Furthermore, the application allows to define requirements for courses that students must meet to be able to enroll. In general, enrollment is possible in two ways: Firstly, teachers are able to enroll students by hand (and circumvent all restrictions). Secondly, students are able to enroll into courses online.

Launch of KursverwaltungOnline.de in Germany

In September 2015, I launched the German version at kursverwaltungonline.de. The site provides an overview of the web application and enables customers to login. The first customer was very happy as he was able to reduce the time necessary to administrate the enrollment process from one week to a few hours.

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Technical details

The web application is implemented with Laravel for PHP and Postgres as a database. It is available as a self-hosted web application and as a Software as a Service solution. It’s currently only available in German but I plan to release the English version soon. You can write me, if you’re interested to try a demo. The next steps in development will be the improvement of the online enrollment as well as error detection for wrong enrollments.

  • Date October 5, 2015
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