Map of startups in Karlsruhe

Map of startups in Karlsruhe

Ever wanted to know where the most startups are located in Karlsruhe? Now you can because I have created a heatmap of the startup scene in Karlsruhe. It visualizes the hotspots of the local scene as well as the locations of several startups. You can see an example in the picture at the top.

Technical details

The site is done with Bootstrap which I mainly included for the modal window when opening the page. The visualization is done with JavaScript and the Leaflet library, an open source library for maps. Leaflet has the great advantage that it allows you to switch map providers easily and has many plugins (e.g. Leaflet.heat and Leaflet.cluster which I used). The CyberForum was so nice to allow me to use the GPS coordinates for visualization purposes. Thanks for that!

And you can view the project at GitHub if you want. Fork it or create an issue!

  • Date January 13, 2016
  • Tags Web Development
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