Button1 – One button. One task. Endless possibilities.

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Button1 – One button. One task. Endless possibilities.

Button1 is a simple button that allows businesses to deliver this button to their customers and increase customer loyalty by enabling them to send notifications with a single click. Consider a beverage delivery that equips loyal customers with this button. Every-time the beverages at the customer’s home tend to get empty, he/she is able to directly notify the delivery so that new beverages can be brought right away. In opposition to a weekly delivery, this allows the beverage delivery to increase their sales by being able to satisfy the demand within a few hours.

Button1 at 3 Day Startup

With my Team from PionierGarage and the idea of Button1, we participated at the 3 Day Startup Germany event in 2016. At the event, we designed a first prototype of the button that enables the end-users to trigger events, implemented the administration back-end that allows our customers to specify which events a button triggers, and wrote a business plan that details our business model as well as everything else. We also bought a domain and built a landing page and a newsletter that informs potential customers of our progress. My part was the creation of the landing page at the first and the prototype of the back-end at the second day.

  • Date January 20, 2016
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